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Dianne Collins


Dianne Collins

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Dianne is a Consultant, Creator of QuantumThink(r) system of thinking, Author of Do You QuantumThink? / Author, Consultant, Media Personality, CEO of self-owned QuantumThink.

I developed a system “new thinking for mastering effectiveness in a changing world” known as QuantumThink. The QuantumThink system is comprised of 21 principles and practices for the mind and awareness that enables us to take command of our life by learning the way our habits of thinking affect our experiences and outcomes. In 1997 I trademarked this new system of thinking, QuantumThink(r). In the QuantumThink principles–known as “distinctions in thinking–I draw upon a wide ranges of sources from cutting edge innovations in the sciences to the insights of the world’s great teachers of ageless and spiritual wisdom. I put it all together into practical living wisdom that makes sense of our changing world and teaches us to integrate new levels of awareness toward our own mastery in expressing what we are uniquely here to express for ourselves and the world.

For more than 15 years, along with my partner in life and in business, Alan Collins, I have presented QuantumThink via teleseminars with outstanding results to people of all ages and walks of life, from senior executives in major multi-national corporations and entrepreneurs, to university students and at-risk teenagers, to homemakers, artists and celebrities.

In June 2011 SelectBooks, Inc. published the seminal book of my work entitled, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World. My book won a Global eBook Award in 2012. The book explains in easy to understand ways “why” we need to think in a new way, and then offers the QuantumThink system of 21 principles and practices to actually begin new thinking.

Since my book was published I have been interviewed on more than 120 radio shows, teaching people the principles of QuantumThink and showing how QuantumThink can be applied to all aspects of life, from business to politics to distinguishing one’s unique purpose.

Tips and Suggestions:

I would say it this way: Every one of us has wisdom that is unique to us as individuals. We are born with gifts and talents to develop. Throughout our lifetime we express our Purpose in many ways as we grow and evolve and as our life unfolds.

What I do is suggest “clues” that can have people get in touch with what they are passion about, what they are drawn toward naturally, what they notice about their patterns of interest, what their gifts are. When you distinguish your own wisdom this way, you can take specific and practical actions in the “right” field and career path for you.

In today’s changing world we are each a leader in our own right. We are each a leader in the sense that we can become responsible in the most positive and life-affirming ways for the talents and gifts we have to offer into the world.

This is the kind of “advice” I give people. If a person is drawn to be a teacher, a coach, a consultant, an author or media personality, I can also speak with them about those professions. However, I know the importance of first getting in touch with one’s own natural proclivities and passions — so the road you follow is right for you.

I also know when young people are confident that he or she really does belong here, has a purpose here, is valued and needed here in the world we share — that this changes their life forever in the best ways.

By the way, there is a QuantumThink distinction called “The Holomovement of Purpose” which address one’s unique purpose.

Dianne Collins is a corporate consultant and also an award winning author of the bestseller, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World, Creator Of The QuantumThink® System Of Thinking.

She says … “What if you knew right now at the start of your career exploration—that every twist and turn you took along the way would turn out to be an important learning experience in developing your expertise and talent?” In this interview, Dianne Collins, Corporate Consultant and lively and entertaining award-winning author of Do You QuantumThink? gives you a crystal clear understanding of what it takes to be a corporate consultant, and instills in you the confidence that whatever direction your destiny takes, it all adds to your ability to be a catalyst and inspiration for others’ success.

Dianne explains that the term “Corporate Consultant” covers a wide range of opportunities for you to express your unique passion, talent and ability to communicate and connect with business leaders. Whether you work with cutting edge entrepreneurs or executives in major corporations, a consultant offers a perspective from the “outside” that becomes an essential factor, “a force” in people accomplishing their visions and goals.

Dianne guides you in how to prepare yourself by immersing yourself in the “energy field” of corporate consulting – from using resources on the Internet to connecting with personal acquaintances and mentors. As you listen to Dianne Collins tell her story and share her knowledge, you discover that by following your deepest yearnings and instincts, your path will be “right” because every experience is an opportunity to learn and discover something about yourself that you have to offer to our world.

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You can also find additional information about Dianne Collins at her website.

Dianne Collins
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