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Let us interview you and share your story with the world!Let us interview you, so you can share your story with the world!

In your life, every day, if you are …

    • doing what you love, and
    • earning a living doing it

then we would like to speak to with you and discuss the possibility of setting up an interview.  Let us interview you and share your life’s story with the world! (Tell everyone what you do, why you love what you do, how you got started, the journey that got you to where you are today, and much more!)

“What Should I Be” is all about sharing the detailed stories of people who are doing what they love and earning a living doing it.

During each intervew, our “What Should I Be” Reporter/Interviewers and our Interviewees discuss thing such as:

    • how they got started in the very beginning;
    • things they needed along the way to get to where they are now;
    • if, where and how they got help from others;
    • what does a typical day in their life look like;
    • and so much more.  (each interview is approximately 1 hour, with people throughout the world)

Our interviews share the inside details that will help you figure out if what the Interviewee is doing in their life, would perfect for you as well. The interviews we provide will explore and discuss the step by step details, as well as all of the necessary and important information needed to understand what it’s like to follow in a similar path as the Interviewee.  We try to include the good stuff you can look forward to, the difficult and challenging stuff that you may also find along the way, and of course … the ugly stuff that people rarely talk about.  It’s our philosophy that no decision can be made accurately without understanding the “whole” story.

If you’d like to share your story and passion with the world, and help people understand what you do, why you do it, what you love about it, the difficulties and challenges, why it’s all worth while, and more, please contact us.


Gary M. Gordon
Founder and President of “What Should I Be”