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Benefits to Our Interviewees

  • What Should I Be
  • January 1, 2013 4:29 pm

Here are some of the benefits to our Interviewees:

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  • Our Interviewees will have the opportunity to share their passion (for the field or career that they are working in) with people throughout the world, so that other people might learn how to “follow in their footsteps” … if and what the listener hears and is able to learn from them, sounds like something they would also like to get involved with as a potential career or path (for their life).  This is a great way to “give back” to others – by simply sharing their passion, and how they got to where they are today.
  • Each Interviewee will have their Interview hosted (indefinitely) on the website (at no cost).
  • The page on the website, for each Interviewee, will also include a brief re-cap of the recorded interview (so people can “read” some of the information as a preview to the full length interview recording).
  • The page, for each Interviewee, will also include links to any additional resources (pertaining to the Interviewee, and/or their career and field of work).  The links can be to things such as their own person website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. pages, other sites – as appropriate.  The page, for each Interviewee, can also include several photographs (as appropriate).  The Interviewee can provide and give their permission for us to include as much or as little “added info” to appear on their page as they might like.
  •  The Interviewee may also freely link to their page directly from any other website, or within emailings they might choose to send out, etc.  The page on the website, since there are no fees charged to access the page or to listen to the interviews, are available to be promoted by the Interviewee – as appropriate and as desired.
  •  The Interviews on the website are also promoted on various “Podcasting” networks such as iTunes.  (There’s no fee for this or any other promotion that is done by the What Should I Be project.)
  • Any Interview posted on the What Should I Be website is also included in our site-wide search by category and/or keywords.  This helps to make it very easy for anyone to visit the “What Should I Be” website and find interviews of interest.
  • We also promote new interviews as “Featured” items on the What Should I Be website.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  What Should I Be, retains the sole right to accept or refuse any request to be interviewed, for any reason.  Submissions and requests can be submitted on our website at   We will review all requests and reply back within 24 hours. [br] [br]
Be sure to also read our article titled:   Let Us Interview You!