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(Part-Time Careers)

  • Lynise Anderson

    Lynise Anderson


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    As a nutritionist and health coach, I work with clients of all ages and from all parts of the world to help them rebuild their health. By assiting them in identifying the stressors (dietary, structural, emotional, physical, psychological, environmental, etc.) that underlie their health imbalances, we are able to work together to create individualized and comprehensive wellness programs that allow them to restore health and balance. I work with clients that present all types of symptoms - diabetes, hypertension, weight issues, thyroid imbalances, digestive complaints, cancer, fatigue, insomnia, candidiasis, chronic pain - EVERYTHING!

  • Kathy Kirk

    Kathy Kirk


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    Kathy Kirk has led an extraordinary life becoming a Consciousness Bridge. In every activity, Kathy's focus is to observe the Human Spirit interface in the body/mind and It's application/effect in the individual Life to understand how we naturally create our physical reality to live fulfilled lives.

  • Steve Lowy

    Steve Lowy


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    Established my service-led hotel brand (the umi London hotel to begin with) aged 26. I then opened umi Brighton, then partnered with investors to bring the Petrovka Loft Hotel in Moscow into the umi Hotels group. In 2010 I set up umi Marketing, a hospitality industry design and marketing agency and this is now part of umi Digital which also includes a booking software brand Book it With. I have had over 150 students working at umi on work experience or internship placements, from many different countries and host a minimum of two students at any one time. I also speak regularly at academic institutions and I am a Board Director for BETA (British Educational Travel Association) and STAYWYSE which I earned because of my work supporting young people. In 2010 I was proudly awarded the Hotel & Caterer Magazine Acorn Award which is given to the most promising 30 under 30 within the hospitality industry.

  • Christine Horner

    Christine Horner


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    As a published author and owner of an independent publishing company, Christine Horner focuses on the advancement of human consciousness. Listen to Christine Horner as she explains what she does and what she writes about, how and why she selected this very special topic, where she came from, and how she got to where she is today.

  • Natalie Tinti

    Natalie Tinti


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    I am a multi-award winning author and illustrator for series of books : Sewing a Friendship. The series has 10 books and each book has a different message. My books have a lot of illustrations because I love to draw and I believe in art so much! When my first book was published in December 2009, there was a question: how I will market it? So, at age 10 I start giving presentations to different group of people.

  • Jennifer Dempsey

    Jennifer Dempsey


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    Being a hairstylist is so much more than just the technical part of being able to style hair. Being a colorist takes knowledge of the color wheel and formulating to create a vision. Cutting hair takes knowledge of the shape of the head, different face shapes, different textures of hair, how to positions your body, and how to hold the hair to achieve a desired look. It takes more training to become a great hair dresser than just cosmetology school. Continued education is our foundation. Further than that we are in the people pleasing business, customer service is our industries number one priority. As a hairstyles you are looked up to, to be fashion forward with hair trends, and fashion trends. As a commission based stylist you are responsible for client retention of at least 50% and to sell product determined on service sales. Being a stylist is 80% personality, 40% technical.
  • 'Hot Shot' James Coller

    ‘Hot Shot’ James Coller


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    Hot Shot James Coller is a young, up and coming Professional Wrestler from South Jersey tells his story of how he got started while in high school, playing football and wrestling, and then directed his talent as a Professional Wrestler. If you've ever thought of what it would be like to be a professional wrestler and jump off the ropes in a ring .. pounce on another guy and kick him in the head and smash his face into the mat, then this will be right up your alley. Find out what it's like to be a professional wrestler, from a new up and coming star.

  • Ignaty Dyakov

    Ignaty Dyakov


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    I am an entrepreneur, working as a Russian language and business trainer, from the United Kingdom. I run a linguistic consultancy helping international companies expand in Russia or deal with Russian clients. I also teach the Russian language and train people on how to do business in Russia and how to sell to Russian customers.

  • Sheyla Paz Hicks

    Sheyla Paz Hicks


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    Sheila has a wonderful story that she tells about how she came to the United States in 2000 and shortly thereafter, began studying the piano and taking voice lessons, and within just a couple years, she took a shot and pursued working as a model and actress. She "took the bull by the horns" (as I like to say) and went off into various, yet specific directions, but all within the field of entertainment (if you had to categorize it under one umbrella). Her story is very uplifting and will give you a great understanding of the potential that lies within us all, if you just look at what you have (within you) and keep moving in a direction that allows you to use and implement the things you love most and keep learning more and more .. so you can keep improving and growing.

  • Kate Fairley

    Kate Fairley


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    I was an overachiever in high school, getting a 92.65 ENTER score, but because I was so good at everything it was so difficult to pick a career path. I got into Law at Deakin so that's what I did for a year & a half, but I found I wasn't passionate about it and didn't think it was worth spending another 4 years to come to the same conclusion. The first place that hired me was an insurance brokerage in a reception role, and it was here, after I’d stopped learning, that I realised that was my passion. I was good at everything (not great, just good) because I was excellent at learning. It took me a while but I eventually gained the confidence to take a chance on myself and move to an Account Manager position with another brokerage where I also started my Bachelor of Commerce (part time, off campus). After 18 months there I moved to an Assistant Underwriter position with an Underwriting Agency where I was given the opportunity to take control of their business processes and played an integral role in helping the business become profitable again ...

  • Dianne Collins

    Dianne Collins


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    I developed a system "new thinking for mastering effectiveness in a changing world" known as QuantumThink. The QuantumThink system is comprised of 21 principles and practices for the mind and awareness that enables us to take command of our life by learning the way our habits of thinking affect our experiences and outcomes. In 1997 I trademarked this new system of thinking, QuantumThink(r). In the QuantumThink principles--known as "distinctions in thinking--I draw upon a wide ranges of sources from cutting edge innovations in the sciences to the insights of the world's great teachers of ageless and spiritual wisdom. I put it all together into practical living wisdom that makes sense of our changing world and teaches us to integrate new levels of awareness toward our own mastery in expressing what we are uniquely here to express for ourselves and the world.

  • Antonie Potgieter

    Antonie Potgieter


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    When Antonie was in school, he did well academically but he wasn't sure what he wanted to be when he got older. He had some ideas of becoming an attorney, studying medicine, etc. but never had his head set on it. In just a short time, through his efforts, he created "Tribulant Software" which is a software development company which specializes in premium WordPress plugins. His company develops, markets, sells and supports useful and purposeful WordPress plugins to the community of WordPress users. If you are interested in programming and the thought of developing software (such as Wordpress plugins) for use by website developers and website builders, you too can start your own company. Listen to Antonie Potgieter of Tribulant talk about how he began with very little capital and all within a relatively short period of time.

  • Ten Rose

    Ten Rose


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    While this is not a career that any mother or father in their right might would recommend for their child, Ten Rose has dedicated the majority of his life to helping others. Ten simply hopes to inspire something within us all, giving us the strength and determination to do what we know is right ... and to give what we can of ourselves (our time - even if it's only a little bit here and there, our energy and talents, donations, etc.) to help others that are in need both locally and around the world.