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Amrit Grewal

Amrit Grewal

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“I¬†absolutely love this Career of Field and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

Details about Amrit Grewal, Clinical Psychologist (specializing in Child & Adolescent Psychology)

As a Clinical Psychologist her job involves the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of emotional concerns.

She  has chosen to work in private practice which essentially means that she sees clients individually and / or in family sessions within a private clinic.

She works primarily with young people and their families and specializes in the treatment of depression, self-harm, anxiety and behavioral problems.

A typical day as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice involves anywhere from 4-8 hour long client sessions.

Initial sessions include taking a detailed account of the presenting problems, the client’s developmental history (e.g. development, education, relationships, medical history), family background and intervention to date. The aim of initial assessment session/s is to conceptualize the problem, inform diagnosis and devise goals which will inform the treatment plan.

As sessions continue, the focus tends to be on therapeutic strategies (generally within the framework of cognitive-behavior therapy) to address emotional and behavioral concerns.
These strategies range from identifying and challenging unhelpful thinking patterns, increasing activity levels, teaching structured problem-solving skills and helping clients to face their fears. A large amount of the time is spent helping the client to acquire strategies that they can continue to use well into the future to address their presenting and similar problems.

To be a Psychologist you require a 4 year Bachelors Degree with a major in Psychology.
To be a Clinical Psychologist you will also require a a Masters degree in Psychology specializing in Clinical Psychology.

To practice in Australia you also require registration with the Psychology Board of Australia through the Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. To gain registration as a Psychologist you must have a 4 year degree in Psychology and either 2 year Masters degree or 2 years of supervised experience.

To gain endorsement as a Clinical Psychologist you require a Masters of Clinical Psychology and 1-2 years of supervised experience.

In order to obtain full registration as a Psychologist you must complete relevant work experience in the field under the supervision of a senior Psychologist. The areas of work may include direct counseling, allied health positions etc.

She completed a High School Certificate in 2000 at Hornsby Girls Selective High School. She attained a University Admission Index of 95.15 which gained her entry into the Bachelor of Psychology (Honors) program at Macquarie University in Sydney.

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in 2005, she worked in the Insurance / Occupational Rehabilitation industry until she commenced the Master of Psychology (Clinical) program at the University of Wollongong in 2009. Throughout the Masters program she was involved in Clinical Placements which ranged from the University Clinic to Westmead Anxiety Disorders Clinic and Redbank House (day program for children with emotional and behavioral problems).

Just prior to the completion of her Masters degree in 2011, she was successful in obtaining a position as a Psychologist within the NSW Correctional System. She worked a Psychologist at South Coast Correctional Centre for 18 months (Jan 2011 – June 2012). Her role at the Correctional Centre was to provide psychological services to inmates who were experiencing emotional concerns. She was also able to assist with rehabilitation efforts (e.g. providing anger management interventions).

From July 2012 to November 2012, she worked part-time as a Clinical Psychologist in a Rehabilitation Ward at Braeside Hospital in Sydney. The role involved psychological assessment and intervention of rehabilitation patients (primarily older adults). The main focus of this work was treatment of depression, anxiety and pain management. She was also involved in assisting patients with adjusting to their disability and facilitated patient involvement in physical therapies.

In July 2012 she also commenced work as Child & Adolescent Psychologist at Sydney South Child Psychology. This became a full time position in November 2012 when the practice opened a second clinic named Inner West Child Psychology. After receiving endorsement as a Clinical Psychology in May 2013, she has continued to work in the Sydney South Child Psychology and Inner West Child Psychology practices as a Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychologist. She primarily treats children and adolescents with emotional concerns ranging from depression, self-harm and anxiety disorders to psychosis, relationship difficulties and behavioral problems.

You can also find additional information about Amrit Grewal at this website.

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