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Dr. Fred Rosen


Dr. Fred Rosen

Full Description

  • What are the benefits of getting a hospital internship immediately after graduating from dental school.
  • What type of training did you receive while working as a dentist during a hospital internship?
  • Do you typically get paid during a hospital internship?
  • Is it possible to attend dental school without any prior knowledge of dentistry?  (What should you know?)
  • After attending 4 years of dental school, do you need to get any additional and further education before becoming a dentist?
  • What kind of specialties can you pursue in dentistry?
  • After graduating from dental school, how well prepared were you to immediately start working as a dentist?
  • How many students (roughly), after graduating from dental school, continue on for additional schooling to become a specialist?
  • What lead you to consider and realize that becoming a dentist was what you wanted to do?
  • What are the benefits of finding an internship with a local dentist in your area.
  • How did you get started doing work in the fields of forensic, cosmetic and implant dentistry work ?
  • What type of dental work do you enjoy the most?
  • How did you come to start your own practice?  Was it difficult?  Was it a long road?  What did it take to get it started?



You can also find additional information about DR. FRED ROSEN at his website.

Dr. Fred Rosen, as of 2013, has been a dentist for more than 40 years.

His story begins with a look at his years during college, what he majored in, his choice of undergraduate classes, and how he made a conscious decision to take the necessary courses that would prepare him to be accepted and enter dental school immediately after fulfilling his undergraduate degree.

Dr. Rosen, realized early on in his teenage years that working in the field of medicine was something of great interest to him.  But as we learn at the very end, one of the primary reasons he chose to become a dentist, as opposed to a traditional medical doctor or surgeon, was simply that although he loves the field of medicine, dealing with life or death medical situations made him uneasy and I can certainly understand his concern.  Dr. Rosen loves helping people and working as a dentist allows him to do this every day.

We also discussed the cost of going to dental school, which took me by surprise.  I never realized that dental school could cost approximately $60,000 to $70,000 per year .. for 4 years.  Dr. Rosen mentioned and discussed various opportunities and ways to reduce the amount someone might have to actually pay, but .. this was just more than I had anticipated. We also talked about getting a job after graduating from dental school, and what the benefits are to doing an internship at a hospital provide … prior to just getting a job right out of school.

It was a truly informative interview and should be very helpful to anyone that might be considering and wanting to become a dentist.

Here’s a few words from Dr. Rosen himself:

“I was inspired to become a doctor after reading the novel Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis while attending Brooklyn Technical High School. I attended Brooklyn College and then New York University College of Dentistry. I was given the opportunity for a year of post-graduate training at Long Island College Hospital in the dental department. Since 1974 I have been in private practice in Marlton, New Jersey. I have also served as a special investigator for the Camden County Prosecutors Department, aiding in cases that involve dental evidence. The Department of Health and Human Services as a medical-dental advisor for the Social Security Administration. I have been on staff at Virtua Hospital (previously West Jersey Hospital) since 1983 which includes teaching in the dental residency program. It would be my pleasure to discuss dentistry as a profession with anyone who may have an interest.”

If you have any questions for Dr. Rosen, you can certainly contact him at.

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