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Dr. George Seretis


Dr. George Seretis

Full Description

  • How he was the first person in his family to ever go to college .. and beyond that .. why he pursued being a doctor.
  • Why doctors don’t typically make house calls like they did years ago?
  • What lead to his wanting to be a doctor and a family physician?
  • Why it’s important to know what you want, before you pay thousands of dollars a year for a college degree?
  • How many patients does he, as a family physician, see in an average day?
  • As the owner of his own practice, what other things does he have to do other than just being a doctor?
  • What type of medical issues does he see and deal with in his practice?
  • How did working as a volunteer on a rig (ambulance), before attending college, help him in his career?
  • How difficult did Dr. Seretis find medical school?
  • What learning and studying techniques helped him the most in getting through medical school?
  • What does Dr. Seretis love most about being a physician?
  • Dr. Seretis describes his social life, family, etc. with respect to being a doctor?
  • Dr. Seretis says … you shouldn’t let anyone ever say “no” to you. The word “no” should be your driving force and why?



Our interview with Dr. Seretis was very enlightening and will be very inspirational as well as informative for anyone who might be considering a career as a family physician. His interview started by taking us back to his childhood, where his parents were owners of a restaurant. While Dr. Seretis worked for a period of time at the restaurant as you might expect, he quickly realized that he preferred to follow in the footsteps of another field, and that field was medicine. While he respected the work done by his parents, at a young age … he became attracted to the idea of becoming a doctor and helping people, in this manner. His story is very compelling and will take you from his years in high school, through college as well as into medical school, and then .. onward through his life and how he built his own private practice.

As a board-certified Family Physician, Dr. Seretis is a member of the American College of Osteopathic Physicians, the American Osteopathic Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Medical Society of New Jersey and the Gloucester County Medical Society.

Dr. Seretis served as a community outpatient preceptor at the Christiana Care Family Medicine Residency for the past 6 years, where he was awarded “Outstanding Preceptor” in 2004. His present teaching affiliations include: associate outpatient clinical professor, Thomas Jefferson University and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Dr. Seretis lives and is active in his hometown community of Woolwich Township. His wife has a Masters degree in Physical Therapy and provides care for Gloucester County residents and they have three young children.

During our interview, Dr. Seretis took us from his early years, while working as a bus boy at local restaurants.  He was the first one in his family to ever go to college, and to top that off, he went on to graduate from medical school and … well .. the rest is history.

His story was fascinating and enlightening beyond what I had expected. We discussed everything from his educational journey through high school to his years during his undergraduate studies at college, and then onto Medical School and beyond.  We talked about the cost of Medical School, the challenges of paying the loans off, starting his own practice (and what it takes to be not only be a doctor … but the owner of your own business). Yes, he is a “business owner” as well as a doctor.

If you’re considering becoming a doctor, his story will provide you with a wealth of useful and beneficial information.

You can also find additional information about Dr. George Seretis at his website.

Seretis Care Family Practice

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