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Natalie Tinti


Natalie Tinti

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You can also find additional information about Natalie Tinti at her website.

I am a multi-award winning author and illustrator for series of books : Sewing a Friendship. The series has 10 books and each book has a different message. My books have a lot of illustrations because I love to draw and I believe in art so much! When my first book was published in December 2009, there was a question: how I will market it? So, at age 10 I start giving presentations to different group of people.

I would recommend writing as a career to someone who love to write and create stories with words! Writing, especially creative writing, is an art. And art has to come from your heart, from your soul, has to have spirit in it.

I believe everybody has many talents and most of them (talents) are hidden, which means that you can develop your writing talent (or any talent) by practicing it a lot! But the most important part of your talent developing is: you have to love doing it first! It’s essential.

I can see how my writing skills improve during last 3 years. The books I’m working on right now are totally on much higher level and it’s so much fun to see how my skills are getting better and better. I always compete, compete with myself to get faster and greater improvements.

If you can create your story, you can create your life the way you want it to be!

Natalie Tinti
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