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Sheyla Paz Hicks


Sheyla Paz Hicks

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Sheyla Paz Hicks was born and raised in Cuba, and has been in USA since 2000. She is a self-taught TV Producer, TV host, actress, model, dancer, singer, writer, editor, entertainer and entrepreneur.

Sheyla was born in a small town in Cuba and was raised by her grandparents. At age 13, Sheyla moved to the city to continue middle school studies and and for better career opportunities. After turning 18 she graduated from Frank Pais Garcia technical school, with the title of Music Educator for Kindergarten and worked as a children’s music teacher for 3 years. In order to learn more about music and become a performer, Sheyla then moved to Havana City where she worked as a band’s Manager and Producer and was responsible for booking the band locally, nationally and internationally, as well as being responsible for the band’s make up, wardrobe, instruments, dancers, musicians as well as payroll management. She also performed as a back up singer and Guiro player.

Sheyla came to the United States in December 2000 after dating the man who would become her husband for two years. She studied piano and took voice lessons, and started writing and producing her own songs. After a couple of years working as a model and actress, Sheyla’s husband suggested that she should have her own TV show. So she started producing the SPANISH-TV show which was on air for about a year and a half on Public Access Television in Nashville, until the show was accepted to be aired on the TELEMUNDO Nashville network. Mrs. Hicks was the Executive Producer and host of the show until it ended in December of 2010.

The list of people that have been interviewed by Sheyla Paz Hicks covers the full spectrum–musicians, singers, actors, dancers, politicians, entrepreneurs to personalities. (José Feliciano, Oscar De La Renta, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Major Karl Dean, Governor Phil Bredesen, Director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritú, Oscar De Leon, GMA’s Robin Robert, La Banda El Recodo and others.)

Mrs. Hicks owns Paz Communications Inc., a production company. She was a collaborator of the bilingual news magazine 4U TN News, providing photographs and bilingual articles; and has covered the first American Country Awards and launched her second TV show, “Entertainment Circle” early in 2011. More recently, Sheyla covered the Academy Awards “Oscars®” from the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, the Country Radio Seminar (CRS) in Nashville, and the CMA Music Festival.

You can also find additional information about Sheyla Paz Hicks at her website.

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